Susan Schenk


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Susan Schenk
About the author

My art is an invitation to see beyond the apparent. From a distance, my collages appear to be paintings. Up close, they are complicated jumbles of separate parts. These collages are similar to our own lives; appealing when viewed from afar but somewhat surprising when inspected more intimately. My use of discarded materials as paint fosters the idea of finding beauty in the overlooked. I discover line, color and form hidden in what others toss away. By transforming magazines, maps and other ephemera into appealing images, I leave a small carbon footprint and more importantly, carve out a trail of enjoyment for others to travel. I’m exploring variety of subjects to create joy. My intention is to take on the challenge of rendering realistic images using unconventional materials. I create images in intriguing ways to compel a viewer to look more closely. When my work evokes a smile, I deem it a success.