Sofie Siegmann


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Sofie Siegmann
About the author

After having completed her degree in art at Zuercher Hochschule der Kuenste (ZHdK) in Zuerich, Switzerland, the artist lives in the San Francisco Bay Area for twenty years. Influenced by the multi-ethnic cultures, Sofie Siegmann creates monumental public art pieces, paintings in flamboyant colors and sculptures made from recycables. Her paintings are like fireworks that emerge from colors and shapes. The way the artist applies paint varies. Delicate like watercolors or with a big scoop, virtuosity and strength. Through this exuberant language the artist impresses with her autonomy and originality. Besides paintings, the artist generates sculptures made from everyday objects, which are - put together anew – giving the thousand times reproduced objects a new, archaic meaning. Paintings and sculptures can be seen in galleries in the USA, Japan, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, England, France and Switzerland, many of the artist’s work is in permanent and public collections worldwide.