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stephen zhang
About the author

Stephen Zhang has been a professor, a designer, a creative director… and he’s always been a painter. Stephen is known for his unique approach to watercolor. With large-scale and fluidity, his works are visually rich and emotionally profound. He has been featured in magazines such as American Art Collector, International Artist, Watercolor Artist and Pratique Des Arts. Born in China, Stephen graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. He came to the U.S. for the graduate study in 1989, during a time when the country was experiencing a dramatic change. He received the MFA degree from University of North Texas. Later, he worked at Fossil for nearly 20 years, helping to build a globally recognized brand with design and art. Stephen has received awards from Transparent Watercolor Society of America and Infiniti National Student Art Competition, Watercolor USA, Portrait Society of American and Art Olympia, Japan.