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About the author

Ty Davis is an emerging abstract expressionist artist. Using paints in an unorthodox style, Ty's vision is to use different hues to compose an oeuvre similar to an orchestra. Coming from the bloodline of Lloyd Garrison Seymour, a highly regarded Connecticut civil war veteran, and Willie Hunter, a pioneer of Connecticut's early jazz scene, Ty is poised to defy odds and innovate the art culture for his Era. Ty Davis showed excellent artist vision since an early age. Born in Baltimore MD and later moving to the tri-state area, he and his family settled down in Meriden, CT where his wonder grew and blossomed and he realized his artistic abilities. Excelling in school every year, being the at top of his class and winning award after award through high school, he became uninspired with the rules and correctness of scholarly art. Mastering portraits and figurative art, he decided to change paths and studied Computer Aided Design in college only to pick up art again later. Now in his 30s, Ty hopes to inspire others using vivid colors and unique textures to grab the attention of the viewer and pull them into his world where anything goes. A world relative to your imagination and consciousness. His work is his Symphony, it's more than paintings. His psychedelic vibrancy is always a great article to study and the energetic spectrum aims to be truly comforting. Ty Davis shows no sign of slowing and will continue to impress and excite art lovers around the world.