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Theresa DeSalvio
About the author

Theresa DeSalvio is a painter. She grew up in New York City. She studied at the School of Visual Arts (BFA, 1976) and Hunter College (MFA, 1982). In her paintings she has explored many subjects and styles of painting always focusing on color and formal elements. Following a 2009 trip to Beijing, she began making paintings about China. The paintings attempt to capture the spirit of the people as China transforms itself. During her visit to China she photographed people as well as important historic and architectural sites. These paintings are based on observation, photographs and imagination as well as the formal concerns of creating a dynamic image. The impetus for these paintings is her fascination with people, culture and tradition. The paintings are done in oil paint on Arches 1,000-pound rag paper, 460.” In 2011 “Inside China” was exhibited in a solo exhibition at the Passiac County Community College, Paterson, NJ and in a two-person exhibition “East Meets West: The Influence of China” with Beijing artist, Liu Guo Ping. In 2012 “Inside China” was exhibited at the Adirondack Center for the Arts, Blue Mountain Lake, NY. Theresa DeSalvio has had many solo and group exhibitions throughout the years. In 1980 she was commissioned by filmaker Bill Brand to paint the images for Massisstransiscope, 228 panels that appear to be an animated film to people passing by on the B and Q trains from DeKalb Avenue, Brooklyn into Manhattan. Masstransiscope was restored in 2008 and can be viewed online at