Todd Fry


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Todd Fry
About the author

Todd Fry is a sculptor living and working in York, PA. Born in 1971, Todd first expressed his artistic talents as a musician. He attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts before moving to New York to pursue a career in the music recording industry. In addition to music, Todd also discovered he had a gift of storytelling through film and video. Building on his music background, he produced award winning documentaries for local NBC and PBS affiliates and launched a successful nationally syndicated series for NBC Entertainment. After four years traveling the world filming wildlife, Todd founded his own production company, Fryfilms, LLC. Fifteen years in television earned Todd numerous awards including seven Emmys. All along the way, Todd was teaching himself to paint and sculpt, which has brought him to the next chapter in his artistic life, a sculptor. Todd combines wood, stone and steel in his sculptures to explore the complex dualism of human nature in his ongoing quest to define what it means to be alive. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Todd is also a Master Falconer and an avid student of Aikido and Zen.