Tania Hartman


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Tania Hartman
About the author

Tania has been painting, crafting, and creating ever since she can remember. Through the years, a love emerged out of the exploration of creativity, and there is certainly something about painting in particular that is entirely fulfilling. "It enrichens the soul and the beauty of what you see around you, causing one to slow down and capture life a little differently... live it with a little more zeal and authenticity... appreciate creation and the wonder of it." As her craft and images inspired from dreams and precious moments on any given day come to life in abstract landscape and vibrant colors, a certain undying faith, love, and zest for life - so too, continues to evolve and grow! Along with her husband Ken and four children, she resides and works in Naperville, Illinois. With their support and encouragment, her gallery of work is constantly being groomed into a collection of treasures.