Tiffany Johnson


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Tiffany Johnson
About the author

The foundation of my work reflects my ideas. I am drawn to narrative influences, as I am to the subject of landscape. What I am intrigued by, are how both rural and cityscape environments are always changing. These environments also come out of my experiences growing up in the New England and Tri-state areas. My inspiration of literature and “place” is a connection of expressionistic and inventive balance between abstraction and impressionism. For myself, the most important thing is clarity. I attempt to make things that include history, a heritage, and interpret the settings through observation. I work in drawing and oil paint because both allow me to investigate these ideas. I connect with literature and poetry having to do with identity and progress. The viewer is invited to engage and absorb the places I present from narrative or observed examinations. My transitions between the groups of work, accelerates my curiosity to discover and explore with an array of inventive palettes. I experiment with a variation of color choices that are not “local” using the pictorial composition to create unified harmony.