Vanessa Hofmann


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Vanessa Hofmann
About the author

Vanessa VanBeusekom Hofmann is a living, local San Diego artist. My work is inspired by the built environment and nature. I use color, texture, and objects that fascinate me for the subject matter. Bikes are objects that I have experienced many adventures on. Horses remind me of growing up in the Midwest on a farm, where as kids we rode the horses every day through the fields. Each horse and bike has different personalities just like the paintings themselves. These painted moments capture the beauty that we felt as children and that we so often try to recreate in our lives. By painting these moments, I revisit the past experiences and work toward bringing those same moments alive again. In doing so, I am able to enjoy the charisma, and childlike feelings that easily evade us. The painted objects, whether bikes or animals, are a combination of the real world and abstraction in an uninhibited manner. Vanessa Hofmann studied art and architecture at the University of Minnesota and Montana State University. She holds Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Masters of Architecture. Commissions are welcome. Vanessa Hofmann’s journey in art started at a young age back in the Midwest, with winning a Christmas card contest. She graduated with BFA in art and architecture from University of Minnesota, and at the same time finding her passion for painting her true love- mountain bikes. She completed her master’s degree in Architecture. Her education continues in the studio. Her architecture work has been a major influence on her painting career. Mrs. Hofmann’s ability to create striking colors and compelling compositions is a result of her years studying and working in design. Eventually her path shifted to allow more of a focus on art and less on design projects with the birth of her son. Vanessa Hofmann’s work has been featured in published book by the San Diego Art Department in 2013. She is also part of a talented group of painters known as the Ray Street Artists. Her work has been featured in the San Diego Uptown News. Her work has been exhibited at the Lyceum theatre, Museum of the Living artist in Balboa Park, San Diego Art Department- (solo show) and Herevolution bike shop in Solana Beach. Vanessa Hofmann has also been accepted into the North Park, Little Italy and Liberty Station Art Fairs. Her website showcases her artwork at studioplank.com She now happily lives San Diego, where she can paint outside most of the year. Mrs. Hofmann paintings are included in collections across the country.