Zannah Noe


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Zannah Noe
About the author

Zannah Noe was raised in a Born Again Evangelical New England family. She found herself investigating religion as her first undertaking. In high school, she traveled extensively with her church working with the Indians of northern Canada, Protestants in Ireland and the tribes of Papua New Guinea. This exposure to other cultures fostered her interest in the visual arts and other ways of being. Having left the strict confines of her former faith, she perused creativity as a way to find meaning in life. Travel and investigating culture are still major tenets of her work and continue to inspire new revelations about the nature of man in his universe. The American Bones project is a multi disciplinary media art project that explores America's cultural infrastructure. Distilling aspects of identity and isolating, pairing, collaging them together as a visual commentary on the bone structure of America. From architecture, landscapes, portraits, public art to the commoditization of memory that is the souvenir, the work explores the essential iconic forces that form regional identity.