Mariano "Anoy" Catague literally had a traumatic start in art. At seven, he was urged by his teacher to join an art contest. He refused. The teacher dragged him out of the room to the session hall. "I was crying like hell, embarrassed and ashamed to face people." He won first in that contest and from then on has reaped many awards. Of below average family, painting became Anoy's passport to artistic recognition. At 17, he worked as editorial artist of a local paper. He moved on to television, both as cameraman and artist. Theater then lured him, doing mural and related pieces. His turning highlight as an artist occurred when he visited ethnic villages all over Mindanao. Drawn sentimentally to the Lumads (indigenous people), he concentrated his art on them. Since then, Anoy's work is synonymous with the Lumads’ way of life. His visual studies of the neglected brought him to exhibitions in several universities and colleges in Mindanao, even as far as Canada and Sweden. He has had group and solo shows since. This college drop-out who dreams of a Fine Arts degree is an interesting character study as well. To his close friends, he is comic, loyal and just about everything. To acquaintances, he is shy as a lamb. But let his art speak freely of the man. Anoy, is a native of Butuan City and now lives and works in Davao City with his daughter. He is a cameraman for the local TV station.
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