About Dani and Powerlight Studios
Powerlight Studios is the animation and entertainment company founded by Dani Bowman, a 15 year old autistic high school girl with a love of anime-style animation. Dani started Powerlight Studios at age 11, creating the illustrated short stories Gemstar & Friends (inspired by "Sonic Says"), and "The Adventures of Captain Yuron" about a character that accidentally falls through a black hole and ends up in a new world where he defends his new friends from the pesky villain Malaria and his 16 minions.

Over the next four years, Dani's body of work and family of characters has grown into 8 different series with over 300 characters ranging from space aliens in "Fleen the Alien" to a whole undersea world in "Hydro the Mako", and Dani's skills have increased from illustration and short stories to writing complete scripts, voice acting and narrating the episodes, animating the stories, creating the musical scores and themes, as well as developing a parallel game concept for each series. Powerlight Studios has also designed characters for two scripts, and animated a music video for Scott Siegel, an autistic musician, and his band Arrest My Sister. Dani just completed illustrating the book "Davey and Goliath" for Joey Travolta, which will be published in the upcoming months.

In addition to creating entertainment for kids of all ages, Powerlight is also dedicated to communicate a positive message about the special abilities that autistic individuals have, promote their works, and hopefully help them become sufficient adults and has partnered with Inclusion Films to help develop the artistic abilities of special needs children and adults and Exceptional Minds, a vocational program to prepare people with ASD to work in the entertainment industry
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