Cristina Burns, an American artist born in Spain but raised in Naples, Italy, where she still lives, approaches photography very young as her favorite form of expression. She creates surrealistic compositions through her photography by juxtaposing images of conflicting elements. In her work, she purposely blurs the thin lines that separate fantasy from reality, purity from sin, and life from death. In her compositions, she may fuse candies, toys and flowers with anatomical parts and insects, or juxtapose human animals with characters from well-known cartoons. Cristina digitally processes images, whereby she enhances and prints a very limited number of copies. The resulting print is the only record of her production. In April 2015, Cristina’s artwork was selected by Vogue Italia for an exhibit in Leica Gallery Milan. Some works from her series Through the Mirror have been featured in the anthology Anatomy Rocks including Damien Hirst, Mark Ryden. Since June 2017, her work, Stratificazioni Antropologiche, is now part of the art collection of Naples Metro, in permanent exhibition at Vanvitelli Station. This collection includes contemporary artists, designers and architects such as Anish Kapoor, Jannis Kounellis, Karim Rashid and Sol LeWitt. In 2018 Lombardia Region contacted Cristina to represent, with her photo “Candy Girl”, the memorial day of Women victims of mafia. In collaboration with the Department of Culture and Tourism of Naples, presented her solo exhibition CandyLand, at the Palazzo delle Arti - PAN. Cristina’s art has been exhibited across the United States of America, Europe, Israel, South Korea and Japan. Her works have been featured on Vogue Italia, Plastik Magazine, La Repubblica, El Mundo and many others. She is always experimenting new techniques and technologies while looking through the lens, her gateway to Wonderland.
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