Kathy Moore was born in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1959 and currently resides in South Carolina. Kathy completed her BA in Art Education from Anderson College and is currently teaching studio art in upstate South Carolina. As an artist, Kathy finds herself drawn to the process of art making. Her art is mixed media combining assemblage, encaustic, and found objects. Kathy is a gatherer by nature- scouring thrift shops, junk stores, estate sales, yard sales, flea markets, and even the occasional trash heap to find that perfect curiosity. The idea of giving a found object an artistic purpose and change its meaning is what drives her art making. Kathy's process is not always the same, sometimes it's the object that directs the work and other times is an unusual substrate. After years of trying to find her niche', Kathy has found that it's the process that she loves and the work is a byproduct of that. She is currently working on two series one titled "Junk Drawers" and the other, "Timeless". Kathy is using old drawers as substrates for her work. She vividly remember as a young child visiting her Grandmother's jewelry/novelty store in Calais, Maine. She was fascinated with the contents of the drawers in the storage room. There were new things, old things, and fragments of objects tossed into the drawers. Kathy remembers spending time taking these things out one by one and investigating them. Still to this day she enjoys trying to figure out the purpose and history of an object. This curiosity plays an important role in Kathy's art making. Kathy has won numerous merit awards for her work.
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