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My artistic journey is Allowing a new truth to unfold.

Seeking truth is not as important as re-creating truth to suit me best

My paintings are part of a series of acrylic mono prints with haiku called ‘truth’. I chose ‘truth’ as a theme because it best represents my current state of quandary as we are leaping forward in our consciousness evolution.

We are immersed in new ideas, and old constructs are disappearing before our eyes. ‘truth’ can be familiar, kind of warm and fuzzy if it suits us, or down right stifling if it doesn’t.

One of the most inspiring new truth’s is the realization that we all have the power to change our reality with new perceptions and actions, both personally and collectively. So, this is a great time for re-creating ‘truth’.

When I was exploring the concept of ‘truth’ in my paintings, I began to create energetically intrinsic patterns and shapes by imprinting marks and brushstrokes.
These imprinted patterns and shapes and swirls took the form of portals for my own transformation.

Each mono print evokes a haiku. The haiku is there to inspire thoughts other than what is obvious, and to have fun with what is newly considered to be ‘true’.

I seek to re-create ‘truth’ to be more fun and compassionate.

As all artists are explorers and all humanity are healers, solvers and creators, I am too. My deepest heart felt insights are mainly resourced from the earth and sun, with guidance from even grander sources. Specifically, mountaintops and water evolve how I feel and think, and bring me closer to truths that show up in my art. Paint and general mixed media are my current tools for expressing. This is a beautiful time to be alive; creativity is everywhere, evolution imminent.

Karin Edgett has a degree in fine arts, 10 years as a graphic designer, 20 years as owner and creative director of Edge Advertising, eight years as foster parent for DC teens, certified nutritional cook, and five years as the inventor, designer and CEO of the wearable tech company SunFriend. She currently divides her time between nutritional cooking, painting, sailing and dancing.
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