Mahshid Rahimtabrizi - Painting Artist Born in 1969 - Tehran, Iran Bachelor of Painting in 1995 Member of 30+ Artists Group Continuous Member of Association of Iranian Painters Participated in 8 Solo and more than 70 Group Exhibitions Exhibited her work in Iran, Armenia, China, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, France and Canada. An Art Instructor within last 15 years; Experienced in working with Children and Adults Collaborating with Tehran Beautification Organization for Wall Paintings Educations: Bachelor of Painting 1991 - 1995 Art and Architecture Faculty in Islamic Azad University Memberships: Honorary Member Institute for Promotion of Contemporary Visual Art 2005 - Present Continuous Member of Association Of Iranian Painters 2000 - Present Ahmadreza Dalvand; famous Iranian art critic wrote about her work: "How we communicate with her paintings and understand her work space depends on how we look at and understand the abstraction process. Principally in dealing with such works, the notion of "creative imagination" works. I would like to say that with the creative imagination and its power, we can get closer to the artist's intellectual system. The intellectual system of artists such as Mahshid Rahimtabrizi is among creative systems that manifest through the transformed reality in the artist's mind. Relying on the creative individuality of her unique look, the artist has revealed the reality with an entirely different meaning for us. Mahshid Rahimtabrizi seeks a broader meaning in nature. For her, light is not the only precondition for seeing, and due to the abstract tendencies in the creative process of her works, the tangible similarities between her works and surroundings are not limited, and her way of "seeing" is harmonized with the modern way of "seeing". In other words, she does not ignore the relationship with nature but seeks greater meaning in it. In other words, the superficial image of things does not limit her sensibility and pure visual experience in the snare of her familiar effects, or perhaps the aspects of nature and objects cannot endure the burden of the artist's sensitivity and experiences. For example, the tree, as a natural phenomenon or object, does not appeal to her and it may reveal more the "growth process" to her than its appearance. Like any other modern artist, Mahshid Rahimtabrizi looks at the outward shell of things more incredulously than traditional artists. She penetrates them, reveals their development process, and that is exactly pure expression of image. In her works, attention to the static appearance of nature and the world around has focused on the mind's dynamic acts and pure processes; and this shift in "seeing" reveals changes in the relationship with reality. She actually does not show the appearance of visible things, but in her visual experience with the help of her perception and affection, she converts the understandable world into new artistic image. By watching the works of this artist, we find that the direct link between man and nature is no longer the only valid path. Mahshid Rahimtabrizi's sensitivity and vision, due to the inner necessity of "objective color", has been able to handle deep, complex experiences. It is difficult to comment on this pure abstraction process through words... let's watch it."
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