I was diagnosed with ocular albinism, a genetic eye condition, only a couple months after I was born; thus, life with low vision is something that I have adjusted to. Extreme eye fatigue, light sensitivity, a nystagmus, and blurry surroundings are the vision problems that I encounter.
I recently graduated from Gabriel Richard High School in Riverview, Michigan. My first priority in high school was always academics, and despite my vision, I excelled. I earned the Citizenship Award and was on the Principal’s List every semester of high school, and I earned a medal of recognition from the art department. I completed both the Advanced Placement 2-D design and drawing portfolios to earn college credit during my junior and senior years. I also won first place in the 29th Annual Congressional Art Competition, and my artwork hangs in the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C. for a year. I was the valedictorian of my class, and I graduated with a 4.41 grade point average.
I am currently a pre-law student at Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan, and I dream of becoming a civil rights attorney someday. In college, I plan to continue my artistic career as well. I could not imagine leaving my camera behind! My favorite subject matter to capture is water in motion. Macro and abstract photography have enabled me to see the details of the world that I would otherwise not notice because of my visual impairment. My work is filled with vibrant colors, unusual angles, fun patterns, and crisp images. The locations of where I take my photographs vary. Some are close to home in my kitchen sink or backyard. Others are taken in big cities, such as Chicago and Detroit, and many are taken in the midst of all the action in Las Vegas, Nevada. Overall, I am an enthusiastic artist who is looking for new opportunities!
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