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Andrew Markus Bell
About the author

I am one of those people who learn well how to do anything they put their mind to doing. Whether as a model, writer, improvisational actor, lover or artist - I make things happen. In the process of an intensive, in-depth personal search for my unique gift to contribute to society during my lifetime, I found Art. In temperament, personality and persona, talent and inclination I am a painter through and through. From all my endeavors, including time as an NYC political campaign operative and United Nations international work service project manager, I apply a breadth of skill and life experience to making dynamically balanced, compositionally sound, inimitable works on canvas with mixed media. A proud college drop-out, I left my hometown at age 21 and began my sui generis life anew in Manhattan. To date those have been the best decisions made in my early adulthood. My work speaks of the tumult, bliss, failed endeavors, hard-knocks, self-discovery and sense of purpose I have since coming to know myself more each day. That so, I want the viewer to feel the range of emotions and thoughts I experience while making each piece. Like my life - like each day - there is liberation, doubt, abandon, hesitation, starting, stopping, love, despair, rejection and acceptance in each piece. I mix media to represent my various thoughts and emotions and the harmony possible when they are proportionately synthesized into one space. My work communicates strongly to the visually literate and much more to the spiritually aware. While some paint with their hands and minds, I paint with my body and soul. Conforming to the principles of what (Art) is, my work is a demonstration of my knowledge of self - intelligible from all four directions in balance, volume, dynamism and spatial reasoning. In my opinion, Art is the most excellent expression of Universal Knowledge and this is exactly what I do. I enrolled in my first drawing class since grade school in May 2013. I began painting in January 2014. As of August 2013, I have organized and executed more than 13 solo exhibitions - resulting in more than 60 sales and acquisitions. My accomplishments thus far are remarkable. Greater success is imminent. I believe the composite of my looks and charm, entrepeneurship and organizational skills, drive, consistency, and talent make me, by far, The Best Investment in Western Contemporary Art. Thank you for visiting my site. I look forward to our transaction.