Antonio Hedgepeth


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Antonio Hedgepeth
About the author

Disabled American Veteran (Gulf War Era) Adventured into art as a outlet for Depression and Seizures, enjoyed the way it made me feel. Art has helped me with my illnesses and I new right away that this is something I had to do the rest of my life{2003}! At the time I was a resident at the Armed Forces retirement home, for seven years where I was granted a studio. I also wanted to use my work to help other people with challenges in life, I began to use proceeds from my art works to help various charities in the Washington metropolitan area, and my hometown Rocky Mount, North Carolina. All causes were for the purpose of helping battered women, homelessness, and helping disadvantage children with college tuition. After spending many years in and out of the hospital for illnesses incurred in the line of duty, the discovery of art as therapy has afforded me an opportunity to attend college for the last 4 yrs. and get married to my lovely wife (Annette Hedgepeth) from my childhood hometown. My future plans are to continue my education and obtain a PHD in Art . I would also love an opportunity to have my works displayed internationally and help someone else discover the many possibilities that art has to offer, medically. I also plan to continue painting and crating art as long as my God and health allows me.