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Amy Hutto
About the author

Amy Hutto grew up in a small rural town in Central Texas. Her father, an oil painter, was the earliest artistic influence on her life. As an adult, Amy pursued a rewarding career in Art Education, in the public schools of Texas. After 23 years, Hutto found herself on a new adventure to Colorado. Previously a collage artist, she began exploring many creative avenues, first focusing on mixed media and acrylics. While mixed media allows her to connect with her collage roots, her passion would be revealed in acrylic painting. Amy has always admired many artists, particularly Claude Monet for his Impressionistic interpretations, Vincent Van Gogh for his use of color, texture, and movement and Gustav Klimt for his abstract motifs and use of gold which is evident in her own use of gold leaf throughout her body of work. Hutto’s subjects are inspired by her life in rural Texas; the wide open spaces, spectacular colors of the evening sky, and the cattle her father raised. Upon arriving in Colorado, she couldn’t help but incorporate the spirit of the west and the majestic animals that currently inhabit the mountains and foothills, or once roamed the countryside freely. Hutto is now a resident of New York State and is once again incorporating her new life experiences in her art. Amy’s goal is to present her subjects which are often traditional in nature, in a more unconventional way. She hopes to engage viewers of her work, inviting them to see beyond the initial glimpse of a first look, to pause and connect on a deeper level; to be drawn in by layers upon layers of color and energy created by textures and streaks and droplets of gold leaf…to see the traditional with new eyes. "New techniques, experimenting with color, layering texture upon texture and the act of pure creation are what drive my work. It is exciting to create something that never existed before, from a blank canvas and tubes of paint; to convey ideas, emotions, and feelings without having to speak. It makes me happy, and I want to share that with others. Hutto’s work entitled "Golden Aspen" was chosen to be a part of the Colorado Art on Loan program and hung in Senator Cory Gardner's office in Washington D.C. for the year 2016. Her work was once again chosen for the Colorado Art on Loan program and her pieces, “Trail Boss” and “Thundering Hooves” hung in Senator Michael Bennet’s office in Washington D.C. for the year 2017. One of Amy’s proudest moments was when she was chosen to join the National Association of Women Artists and traveled to New York to be inducted in November of 2016. Amy Hutto is a free-lance writer for the online magazine, “Live an Artful Life”, and her art is represented by Aspen and Evergreen Gallery in Estes Park, CO; The Leigh Gallery in Chicago, IL, and West End Gallery in Corning, NY. Her work can be found online at www.ahuttoartworks.com and on Instagram at ajhutto66.