Amy Macione


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Amy Macione
About the author

I have taken art classes at UHart (1992-1994), UConn (1994-1997) and ECSU. I especially feel influenced by a painting that I saw in an antique shop, made of canvas and acrylic paint. It was gesturally drawn of some flowers. I also feel influenced by seeing a painting as a young person, that was a watercolor and ink sketch of some ships by the ocean. When I paint, I like to make the painting to be like a garden made just for someone special. My paintings express a place where the viewer can feel at home. The subject matter of my paintings is flowers, butterflies and birds. One of my favorite flowers that I like to paint is called Spring Sparkle, which is known as a flower for grandmothers. My favorite butterflies that I like to paint are the family of swallowtails, the anglewing and the monarch. The materials I use are watercolor, gouache and ink on watercolor paper or mulberry rice paper.