Angela Maroun


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Angela Maroun
About the author

Angela Maroun has been a textile artist since 2006. She utilizes shibori dyeing techniques and screen printing with dye and textile paints to create layered patterning on cloth. Texture is added to the cloth with stitching and needle felting. This creates complex one of a kind backgrounds for her intensive hand embroidered and needle felted imagery. Much of the inspiration for her artwork is drawn from the culture, history, colors and natural beauty of the Hawaiian islands. A visit to the petroglyph fields on the Big Island inspired her petroglyph series. The ancient marks made to tell the story of human life fascinated her. She imagined ancestral Hawaiians sitting on the rock, painstakingly etching the stone one mark at a time. They needed to tell their story and leave their mark. She honors them with her Petroglyph series. Maroun is a graduate of the Art Cloth Mastery Program in San Antonio, Texas.