Andre Pace


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Andre Pace
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The artist orginal from New York City studied in small class in Manhattan school of art Acdemy Xiolong school located on 28st.My works are dated as Modern Art & Contemporary Art , Mixmedia works also , The artist Is also a writer Of american poetry And Atist eassy published and paneled talk about the artist can be read at www.ArtReview.com , www.linkined.com, www.collectorsweekly.com published in New york City "A book About death 2011-2012 edition", Moleworth Institute "rejected & researched volume 2012-2013, Art4homeless e-book , libray of congress multi editions joint book publications , eber& Wein publshing , awrads bes poet editions 2010- 2013 ... artist collection " modesto Arts Museum , Ontological Arts museum , Van Abbe Arts museum {netherlands} /mail art library, ohio state university mail art libray , Artist stamp Museum /archives .libray , My works exhbited in large cities like New York City , Phoenix , Ohio Art Auction, Museums , Private Company inc, LA.losangles, Private gallery parties to collector & art Investments .. Thank you Andre pace