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Anton Pollard
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Welcome to Anton Modern Artist Anton, dwells in the New York City area creatively exploring the many artistic avenues life has to offer in New York's urban inner city melting pot. Aggressively creating new paintings almost daily, the artist expresses," when creating, instinctively his themes revolve around striving through adversities no matter how challenging. "My intentions are to provoke and jolt the viewers thinking by challenging them visually. We are much stronger, much smarter and more powerful than we have been led to believe." Additively drawn toward colors and shapes, Anton began nurturing his artistic ability at an early age. Since young, painting, drawing, coloring and sketching are a few of the many art forms the artist showed natural talent, a gift some would say. Winning coloring competitions and acquiring small drawing jobs instinctively inspired the young artist to continue his pursuit in the world of art. With such a thirst to create a unique style of his own after becoming bored with conventional looks in art, the artist begin studying unconventional artist and African art. Soon after a style evolved and Anton has nurtured this empowering vision since. The artist quotes, "I am traveling my souls path. I create fearlessly and spontaneously. My spirit is adventurous, free of boundaries and limitations caused by rules and regulations, whatever they may be or whatever I was told to believe. When creating, I have no idea of what I'm going to do or in which direction I will go. This means I have no idea of what the outcome will be. I don't think about such things; I just create. This organic approach is truly unique, refreshing and inspiring. I am always curious of what the universe will create through me instinctively. I then begin to study this natural birth. As time evolves like a child fresh out the womb, the painting  begins to reveal a personality that articulates its own voice and reason with each viewer. From this voice emerges an identity and with the viewer a personal conversation. I truly believe the artist's role is that of a messenger and healer, which means my soulful spirit will dictate what I create." One of Anton's on going series, Awaken The Warrior, are paintings of warriors holding spear and shield. Anton states these paintings represent our indigenous nature, the primitive warrior that dwells in all of us. Instinctively we once lived, relying only on our intuition, our senses are what kept us alive. The artist Quotes, "It's most important to be in tuned with the organic self."