Alvin Sher


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Alvin Sher
About the author

I create sculptures using imaginary architectural elements. The works express our needs and curiosity in today’s world through forms such as temples, altars and observatories. They are influenced by both modern and ancient works. They relate to the built world we inhabit. The layers of meaning in my sculptures are meant to be engaging, so that viewers return to the work for both contemplation and curiosity. My interest in astronomy and the environment has led me to incorporate numerous solar and seasonal measuring devices into the large scale works. The form of my hand appears in many works as both a signature and a symbol of man’s curiosity and presence. The sculptures are fabricated using traditional bronze as well as aluminum and stainless steel, using plasma cutting and heli-arc welding. The use of computers aids in design, calculations and fabrication. Modern technology is part of these sculptural homages to ancient structures. My public works have been fabricated and installed across the US and in Europe. They are environmentally friendly and have withstood the elements with virtually no changes or maintenance. My creative works have been in more than 300 exhibitions in the U.S., Europe, Africa and Asia. I am the recipient of a Fulbright Grant and a National Endowment for the Arts Award.