Ana Zanic


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Ana Zanic
About the author

Ana Zanic was born and educated in Croatia. Since earning her MFA at the University of Zagreb in 2002, Zanic has had over a dozen solo and sixty-plus group shows, in Croatia and the United States(where she moved to in 2003). She has won several awards for her painting and was published four years in a row in the American Art Collector publication. About her work Zanic says: "For me, making art has always been a search that allowed me to explore the formal visual elements, as well as my personal feelings, through an intuitive, spontaneous process. I paint my watercolors with layers of washes, intermixed with dynamic lines, scribbles and marks of ink drawing. There is often a quiet tension between the watercolor's fluidity, softness and calm, vs. the dynamic, rhythm and energy of drawing. I would say the work emerges from a process that is both controlled and accidental. In this duality I see a metaphor for the duality of life; where certain things can be controlled and others just happen naturally, on their own." Artist is currently represented by Kathryn Markel Fine Arts in New York. Artist's work can be reviewed by visiting her website and blog