BiJian Fan


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BiJian Fan
About the author

BiJian was born in Beijing, China, where he learned paper art from his grandmother. Today, BiJian resides in Camarillo, California, still creates cutting-edge paper sculpture to carry on the tradition, but his media have expanded to metal, polymer, and other materials. BiJian is a muti-cultural and inter-disciplianry breed. He studied in China, Japan, and the USA, earned his BS and MS in Mathematics, and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. Following an accomplished career in science and engineering, BiJian moved on to art and teaching. He explores aesthetic and physical properties of various materials, integrates his spatial and temporal sense in sculpting, transforms 2D static material into 3D kinetic sculptures. His artistic transformation represents an evolution in space and time. Through visual art, BiJian found his voice. BiJian has exhibited internationally and earned numerous recognitions. He exhibited in his home town for 2008 Beijing Olympics. His artwork is featured in McDonald's advertisement. His local recognition includes artist spotlight of 2013 Focus on the Masters, featured artist of 2009 Ventura Artwalk and 2012 Moorpark Arts Festival.