Blessing Hancock


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Blessing Hancock
About the author

I am inspired to create artwork with an emphasis on innovation and new experience. Each piece in my portfolio is an original, site-specific work that speaks of its surroundings. My portfolio demonstrates the potential of light, shadow, and color as ever-changing components of the public art practice. My education and work experience in sculpture and landscape architecture gives me a unique perspective for public art. As a former landscape designer and community planner, I have a special appreciation for the elements involved in the design of public spaces, and the considerations required to successfully integrate public art. I view each sculpture as an opportunity to improve the public’s experience of a place and transform a site. I am continuously looking for inspiration in the unexpected and a diversity of site conditions have influenced me over the years. Whether it was the values of a small mining town, the life of a river, unusual weather patterns, life saving missions, or window-shopping displays, I find my inspiration in surprising places. My value as an artist lies in how these inspirations are combined into an elegant and inspiring work of art. Through the inclusion of interactive opportunities to engage and participate with the artwork, my concepts push the boundaries of the public experience. I welcome the opportunity for community engagement, finding that it enhances both the process and end product. I have considerable expertise leading community groups. I use a number of approaches based on the level of public interest and the timeframe associated with the piece. Light is a connective thread that runs through my work, and I believe in light’s ability to enliven a space. I consider durability of material, resistance to vandalism, and maintenance in all the works I create. I use a palette of materials that are well proven in high traffic areas with inclement (intense sun, rain, and snow) weather. Metal, acrylic, glass and colored light allow me to create unique effects from durable, low maintenance materials. I have a successful track record working with large public agencies and I have completed monumental sculpture projects throughout the world.