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Brent Kustermann
About the author

The duty of the artist is to bring a unique perspective to the world one live in. This is a process that is never fully mastered but, a careful examination of the intricacies and driving forces that compel both nature and humanity into a perpetual state of becoming. It is, indeed, this unfolding that is the purest form of aesthetics and highest focal point of inspiration. Many artists, including myself, are process driven. And, for me, the process can be varied. In some works you may find a more refined and carefully organized subject matter. This may come from the desire to achieve a conscious balance between the hand, mind, and the ideal. This ideal coming from nature itself is the key source of all creative force. While on the other hand, a great deal of my works are based on the sole need for instantaneous action. A pure and primordial drive that insists that I engage time and space all at once as a sort of medium in which I myself am the tool, controlled by the movement. I choose to use a variety of mediums to achieve my final product. I employ the use of 'found' objects and items that might end up in the trash. I enjoy the challenges that working with mixed mediums allows while trying to push past the frustrations of failed attempts. However, without these instrumental frustrations there would be no growth. Upon completion each piece is, in its own right, owned by the viewer. In a great deal of instances I feel as though the picture has no original connect with me personally and given this foreign connection I am liberated of most criticism, including my own. I encourage the viewer to look on the work as if it were in fact, a deliberate moment in time that belongs, intimately, to themselves. This is the cornerstone to appreciating art in its most fundamental regard.