Beatrice Lebreton


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Beatrice Lebreton
About the author

Béatrice was born and grew up in France. She graduated from the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts in Paris with a MFA. She also holds a MA from La Sorbonne University. It was during that time that she was first introduced to traditional West African aesthetics. Over the years since it has greatly influenced her painting methodology. Béatrice’ s art imagery speaks of women, spirituality and global connection. She works mostly in acrylic and watercolor paints, although she adds various other elements from diverse cultural and historical contexts for a multi-dimensional effect. Mixing realistic human figures with more metaphorical symbols, shapes and textures is part of the process of building a visual story. Her vibrant use of bold colors characterizes Béatrice’ s paintings. Her work has been exhibited at galleries and museums including the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, Winston- Salem State University, the African American Museum in Dallas and the Ellen Noel Museum in Odessa, Texas. Awards include the Juror’ s Prize at the Pittsburg Center for the Arts, the People’s Choice Award from the Plano Art Association and the Outstanding Artist Award from the Irving Art Center. In 2002 she was selected in a nationwide search to create a design for the new International Terminal in the Dallas Fort Worth Airport, Texas: the mosaic floor medallion titled “Celebration” commemorates the human spirit and invites travelers to spread harmony all over the world. Béatrice’ s work has been featured in the American Art Review, the Dallas Morning News, YMIB magazine and the International Review of African American Art among others. She also appeared on KMPX, Channel 29, The Irving Community Television Network and WFAA TV channel 8. At different stages of her career Béatrice taught Art as well as Art History (High School and University level) and illustrated several children’s books.