Bonnie J. Smith


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Bonnie J. Smith
About the author

Most recently I was juried into Quilt National 2011 which is the highst level of fiber art a artist can be selected for in the United States. I started creating fiber art after I was injured in a work accident that required me to sit one hundred percent of the time and not use my feet. My first creations were quilts and after I had created all the quilts I felt my family would ever be able to use my attention turned to creating original fiber art designs. Creating my own designs has been very satisfying and my art works have been juried into many national and international exhibits. My designs are created from a feeling, emotion or object of nature that has a design that intrigues me. A lot of my designs are topographical in nature starting with a very small design, then I imagine the colors I could use in creating a large completed design. The excitment always begins with this important step in the creative process. Before I even layout the larger design I start with my color palette of fabrics laying one against the other looking for new and interesting combinations. I normally start in the center of the design working to the edges. When the combinations start to feel comfortable and my intuition tells me I am on the right track and oh what a joyous feeling that is when you get the color composition you are looking for. In my work I try to use the fewest possible components of colors to make the stongest possible gutsy statement. I want the viewer to take a second look, a profound look at my work and know that life exist in my art. By using stitches to complete my work in a repetitious movement I then find a organic rhythm with the work under the sewing machine. Realizing one day while stitiching I could not let lines cross or touch I finally was able to verbalize a thought I have had for much of my life is that ordinary people going about are hardly ever recognized for contributions to this world. My stitching represents the everyday person giving them recognition and space which we all crave for in this crowded world in which we live.