Carol Simons Huddleston


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Carol Simons Huddleston
About the author

Artist’s Statement: I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia and have lived in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and in Berkeley, California. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I have never lost my love of the outdoors - a continued inspiration of mine. Architecture is another inspiration and I seem always to be drawn to its details, which are so often captured in my images. Whether I plan on printing an image as a black and white or color, I first notice the value of light surrounding my subject. And often color is the subject. This is especially true when shooting in nature. Short Bio: My formal training in photography comes from various sources, including the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington, DC. I am always learning and growing as a photographer. I started out working in a traditional wet darkroom, but now totally embrace the ever-changing advances that the digital world has to offer. My work includes both gelatin silver and pigment prints. Photography has been a constant in my life. My father was an avid photographer and at an early age I acquired his passion for the medium. I tend to keep my photographs uncluttered and governed by the theory “less is more.” My portfolio includes images from across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Western Europe, and the Far East. In the mid-1990s my work took me to Paris where I lived for a short period. It is a city I love to photograph and I always welcome a return visit. Although photography has been my passion for 40 years, my professional career has taken other twists and turns, including over ten years on Capitol Hill working for Congressman Charlie Wilson of Texas (Charlie Wilson’s War), followed by a 22-year career as a self-employed real estate appraiser throughout the Washington, DC area. Much of my time and energy, however, is now focused on my love of photography as an art form and my ongoing desire to be a working artist in the genre of fine art photography. I have been exhibiting my images publicly since 2005. For me, photography is the common denominator which brings it all together and allows me to express who I am visually. My images can be found in private and public collections across the US, including the Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville, VA.