Dana Burgy


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Dana Burgy
About the author

Burgy was born in Toledo, Ohio and grew up mostly in Phoenix, Arizona and Texas; among other places. She moved to New Mexico from Seattle in 1988 and has been living there ever since. With a background in web development, art curation, graphic design and business; her fascination eventually became the pixel itself. Working with pixels daily; she saw that the lines and compositions in her off-screen visual field of signs, architecture and record album covers had found a venue for expression in Photoshop. “Forms don’t need a context to be compelling”, said artist Stephen Prina. With a similar disposition that is also irreverent, impish and somewhat dadaist; she has utilized the vernacular of graphic design and advertising to create work that is relatively free of ponderous intention. Her two favorite songs are “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” when sung by children and “Calistan” by Frank Black.