Dennis - RedMoon Darkeem


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Dennis - RedMoon Darkeem
About the author

My name is Dennis Redmoon Darkeem. I am inspired to create art work based on the familiar objects that I view through my daily travels. I discover elements in existing architecture and among everyday items found within the home. I ultimately set out to express a meaningful story about events in my life and those found with the communities I work. I utilize different media in the creation of my work. This allows for great versatility and a rich viewer experience as the eye uncovers the multiple layers that often characterize mixed media art. Since my work as a professional artist has commenced in the early 2000s, it has evolved into critiquing social and political issues affecting US and indigenous Native American culture. Much of my art has focused on issues like institutionalized racism and classism, jarring stereotypes, and displacement of people of color. As a multi-media artist, I express these motifs through fine art, drawings, paintings, collages, photography, sculpture, and installations. Incorporating a craftwork aesthetic has connected tradition with the contemporary. This is prevalent in many of my pieces. I seek to create a discussion through color, texture, symbolism, and geometric designs. My work evokes a historical memory and questions the status quo. Art has become a conduit connecting my artistic ideas and concepts to the public realm. As a Maroon artist living in New York City, my work reflects and is representative of my life’s experiences. My work is not in a vacuum that crosses boundaries of culture, identity, and perception of self. I strive to be the voice for unheard voices.