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Dale Peterson
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Dale Clarence Peterson - Vitae 1967 -69 - U.S. Army, Honorable Discharge 1970 – B.F.A. University of Utah; Studio Ceramics Award 1971 – M.A. Montana State University 1974 – M.F.A. University of California at Santa Barbara 1973 – Established Peterson Pottery Wholesale business of cups, teapots, all dinnerware items. To include gallery exhibitions, private collector commissions and Museum Collections (among them the Smithsonian). 1989 – Appointed Brewster Academy Art Teacher (Drawing, Photography and Pottery) 1991 –Appointed Art Chair at Brewster Academy 1991 – Boston Globe National Art Teachers Award 1992 – N.H.A.C.E.S. (New Hampshire Association of Computer Educators Statewide) Top Technology Educators Award 1992 – Boston Globe Ceramics Teacher Award 1994 - Boston Globe Ceramics Teacher Award 1995 - Boston Globe National Art Teachers Award 1995 – Appointed Asst. Director of Technology at Brewster Academy (position held concurrently with Art Chairmanship) 1995 – Appointed Instructor on “Summer Faculty Technology Workshops” 1996 – Appointed as Technology Evaluator for N.A.I.S. (National Association of Independent Schools) 1997 – Recruited by Ridgeville Academy, North Ridge, Ohio as Director of Technology 1999 – Appointed Chairman of O.A.I.S. (Ohio Association of Independent Schools) Technology Group 2001 – Ridgeville Academy Technology Dept. voted Top Technology Dept. in O.A.I.S. 2002 – Recruited as Director of Product Design for Saull Enterprises, Inc. – Vero Beach, Florida 2005 – Recruited as Educational Technology Curriculum Director for Flint Hill School in Oakton, Virginia 2007 – Appointed Instructor of Advanced Digital Media at Christchurch School in Christchurch, Virginia 2009 – Appointed Chair Art Dept. at Christchurch School 2012 – Retired from CCS 2014 – Recruited back to CCS to teach Adv. Art, Digital Media and Portfolio Prep. 2016 – Currently re-retired and producing private portfolio and writing; living in rural Virginia Portfolio Vitae Galleries; “The Following Sea” – Honolulu, Hawaii “The Egg and Eye” – Los Angeles, California “L.A. County Museum” – Los Angeles, California “Roach Gallery” – Bolder, Colorado “The Smithsonian Museum” – Washington, D.C. Accounts with; “The Coffee Bean Stores” – 14 stores in California “Fraser’s Furniture” – San Francisco, California “Galleria Ghirardelli” – Ghirardelli Square, S.F., California Other Professional Accomplishments 1994 – CAD designed new Art Facility for Brewster Academy, and supervised construction 1994 – CAD designed reconstruction of Academy Building to house new Computer Laptop Program, to include the first Computer Laptop Desks for one of the first hardwired High School Classroom Laptop Programs 1995/7 – CAD designer/consultant for Gerry Holmberg Construction Co., Wolfeboro, New Hampshire - Designed and consulted on construction of seven private homes - Design reconstruction of Moosehead Lake Hotel, Moosehead Lake, Maine - CAD designed numerous septic systems for Holmberg Construction for County Construction Planning Approvals - Redesigned Boat Mooring Plans for Brewster Academy 2002/3 – Designed and supervised implementation of total upgrade of Computer Network for Ridgeville Academy – serving a User Base of @ 2000 students and faculty, expanding to include @ 4000 parents and L.R.A. Alumni 2003 – Designed new library and computer labs for L.R.A., to include all network hardwiring 2004 – Consulted and oversaw construction of new library and computer labs Writing Vitae 2010 – “The Dollar-Table Hammer”; Memoirs of raising six children in rural New Hampshire 2012 – “Boxes of Clay”; Volume Two of Memoirs from New Hampshire 2014 – “Drawing Blind”; How To on learning to quick-sketch in pencil 2016 – “Twelve Roses for Kathy” – A Journey out of the darkness of bipolar disorder on a motorcycle