Deborah Sibony


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Deborah Sibony
About the author

My work and aesthetics derive in large part from my heritage — North African — and my formative cultural experience growing up in Italy. I start my prints by traveling into history, memory and imagination. I am interested in boundaries and transitions, both physical and cultural. What happens when you get near? What crosses over and connects and what is repeated? My work reflects complex transitions and overlapping experiences between regions, cultures, and nations that give form to the contemporary world and shape the experiences of each viewer. I use a variety of printmaking methods to connect and assimilate a progression of ideas. I use visceral properties of paint and the power of color to convey the drama of emotions. As the layers change and become more complex, history and memory become part of the conversation. The visual language is primordial, melodic, baroque and industrial. For six years, I worked at Aurobora Press in San Francisco as a Master Printer teaching workshops and working with artists in residence. In that capacity I collaborated with many artists from around the country, many of whom are new to printmaking. The residencies provide an avenue for exploring many uses of the press. I enjoy the exchange of ideas and collaboration with artists. I continue to teach workshops and work with artists in my studio in Berkeley, California. In addition to printmaking, I work professionally as a graphic designer. I worked for many years at Fantasy Records in Berkeley designing CD packages. I now work independently for a variety of clients in the music, film, travel and publishing field.