Edgar Sotelo


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Edgar Sotelo
About the author

Edgar Sotelo's admiration for the ranching and cowboy heritage is shown in his paintings. He is a self-taught artist who is blessed with a talent passed from both his father and grandfather. Even as a young child in Mexico he would draw horses, cowboys and Indians. His love for the Western way of life is still as strong today as when he was a young child. Vibrant, accurate depictions of ranching scenes and cowboys are his specialty. Edgar feels that honesty and respect are qualities that are so important in the code of honor that the true cowboys uphold, that he diligently creates only true to life scenes in his paintings. Edgar believes in experiencing what he paints. He does this by visiting working ranches that allow him to ride along and observe, record, and therefore preserve the cowboy way of life. He seeks out ranches and individuals who still do things much as they were done one hundred years ago. Experiencing this firsthand has created a deeper respect and admiration for the vanishing, authentic cowboy way of life. Edgar invites you to observe and appreciate that result in his work.