“fairy butterflies”

Victor Espinosa

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Victor " Bong " Espinosa
About the author

BONG ESPINOSA, as he is better known in the arts community is a seasoned veteran artist for decades who once again reveals his mixed-media masterpieces to the limelight. He spontaneously bursts colors and strokes that form a harmonious effect, very much like what makes up Mindanao- a diverse group of islands that is bound with culture. Espinosa, with his immense love for his homeland, trained himself to stand out globally. He has mounted numerous solo exhibitions in Mindanao, Metro Manila and the USA from 2006 to present. Most of his mega artworks can be found at the Ateneo de Davao University’s community center and university chapel. One of his distinguished trips was in 2008 when he received an Asian Artists scholarship grant at The Vermont Studio Center in USA. Painting is Espinosa’s way of contributing in the preservation of Mindanao arts and culture, and he believes that whatever fruit he receives from his dedication to arts shall be brought back to the community.

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