Francine Kohn


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Francine Kohn
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Evolutionary Paintings, Moving Pictures Raised in Long Beach, California, Francine Kohn resides in Napa Valley, California. She has been painting for over 20 years and studied painting with Color Field painter, Art Holman. Ms. Kohn has exhibited her work on both the East and West Coast of the United States. Her work was included in the Palm Springs Desert Museum nationally juried show by Ann Philbin, director of the UCLA, Hammer Museum with over 800 entrants and 46 selected. Francine has been featured on the award-winning cable Bug Girl Show "Inside the Artist's Studio". Her paintings are collected by individuals and corporations internationally. Their roots are in Western art, Hindustani music, Nichiren’s Buddhism, alternative ways to discover the nature of ourselves, how we perceive and reality, supra-real life experiences, and technology. Kohn has a love of bright colors, dynamic water, and vibrant energy. She sees life as colored energy patterns and uses the convergence of matter and spirit to create her art form. Her vibrant, organic and original art centers on the nature of reality and universal, human experiences -- love, rage, and the discovery of consciousness. Francine explores the phenomena of sense perception as a vehicle to self-knowledge. She paints luminous shapes and surfaces appearing as ever-changing scenes that move and glow at different viewing angles and distances. Dynamic environments of passion, power and perception are created. These ever-changing forms reach out with emotion that touches and moves people – sometimes to feeling more connected to their “inner spark”. The rhythmic layers appear to dance on and off the canvas as “moving pictures” that are more than inanimate works of art. Each piece goes through a complex 12-step process from initial washes where color relationships are established all the way to the final effect of unique, vibrant and shimmering color harmonies achieved with glazing and impasto techniques from the Masters. "Not many people realize all it can take to create a painting," says the artist.