Ginny Fox


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Ginny Fox
About the author

Ginny Fox is a native New Yorker who has exhibited in numerous venues throughout the U.S. Her work is included in many private collections throughout the country. After many years living in the Bronx, she recently moved back to the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where the confluence of the Hudson River, its rocky environs, and multiple architectural structures has become a renewed source of inspiration. Her studio in Yonkers, N.Y. is in a turn of the century carpet mill overlooking hills and industrial complexes, another locale containing the merging of elements so integral to her work. artist statement: My work is a merging of textures and colors evoking both organic and fabricated elements. I am equally inspired by patterns in nature and those in architecture , textiles, and manufactured objects. Layers of time evident in random markings on a stone, light raked across water, the open weave of moss covered earth, all inform the work, and result in a unique amalgamation.