Gregory Zeorlin


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Gregory Zeorlin
About the author

Gregory Zeorlin is a mixed media artist who received his BA from Christian Brothers University, Memphis TN and MFA from Alfred University, Alfred, NY. He was awarded a fellowship from the Mid-America Arts Alliance/National Endowment for the Arts. His art is included in several museums in the USA, he received a public art commission from the City of Dallas,TX, his art is in corporate and private collections and he has exhibited widely in the USA. Zeorlin describes his art as being similar to windows which frame various points of view. His art reveals a perspective that's influenced by the passage of time. The natural timing of the world (i.e. seasons, aging, evolution) collides with a synthetic timing created by society (i.e. artificial light, computers, Internet, artificial intelligence). My art is a mix of this chaos, logic, mystery and order. Zeorlin's art ranges from painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, ceramics, poetry or a blend of these categories. The idea determines what materials and techniques are selected. He switches between paint, metal, wood, digital imaging, found objects and ceramics to make art. He experiments frequently in the studio as the knowledge gained creates more options on how ideas can be presented as a visual works of art. Learn more about the range and depth of Gregory Zeorlin's art by viewing his web site: ZeorlinArt.com