Ileana Marie Johnson


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Ileana Marie Johnson
About the author

Ileana Marie is a young woman who loves art and enjoys working with raw material. Ms. Johnson is from the city of Philadelphia, she received her basic training in art while attending Hatboro-Horsham High School under the instruction of Ms. Lori Gallagher. For many years Ms. Johnson has struggled with her confidence in art, but now has discovered her niche, media and expression of art; through working with wood as her canvas and wood stain and wood paint as her medium. Ms. Johnson believes that art is a universal language like Mathematics; that it speaks on many levels that will translate in any language and have the same meaning. In November 2007, she had an epiphany in her life, when her dying Grandmother revealed to her, that she was wasting her talent. Ms. Johnson is currently working with wood to create artwork that one would decorate ones home with material that builds homes; she is a strong believer in thinking outside the box. Ms. Johnson is currently putting together various wood collections with-different contexts, color theories piece and themes. She is also coordinating events with local and national Non profits to arrange various causes and produce positive publicity for her and her unusual beautiful artwork.