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I was born in Lagos,the second generation of my forebear.Our people came down to Lagos given different perspectives. My paternal relation came to meet my maternal relations. My father was born in Ile-Ife in Western Nigeria.He was a devout christian according to his family background. When he finished his school at St.Paul,Aiyegbaju,Ile-Ife,he came down to work as a policeman for about tweenty years before he opted out of the force to settle down into a private life. While in the police,he met my mother,Elizabeth Kudirat Foluke Adebeshin whos ancestor migrated to Lagos at an earlier time. From records pieced together,her father was employed as a sch headmaster tranversing a diverce area like Idi-Iroko present Ogun state boarder town with Lagos where my mother was born.The relationship between my father and my mother blossomed and was finally consumated in marriage. They had us eight children of whom am the fouth.We lived a quiet life a childhood with most of us going to school in Lagos.I was born in 1966.I attended school in Lagos.Firstly,I attended Oshimoye nursery school and Methodist primary school both in Suru-Lere,Lagos. I went further to Lawrence's Gaskiya college,Apapa also in Lagos.I finished secondary school in 1985.I travelled to England in 1986 where i attended South-East London College,Lewisham. I read fashion designing.I studied vocational photography at Cherry Orchard school,Greenich -Chalton campus,London. I worked as columnist photographer with Weekend Xpress,a East London magazine for three years from 2007 to 2009.I relocated to Nigeria thereafter setting up my own private organization.I run a plethora of services in form of Consultacy,Art and Tourism.My office is at 57,Ejire street via Rosanwo stree,Aguda,Suru-Lere,Lagos,Nigeria. I met my wife in church together as choristers becoming familier with ourselves in the process. The relationship blossomed into marriage which was consumated at Olorunda Methodist church,Brown road,Aguda in 1992.The marriage has been blessed with three children,two female and a male. At 51,i am as agile as ever due to my dancing art. I nurse aspiration which will engender benefits not only to my generation,but to humanity.