Jodi Ferrier


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Jodi Ferrier
About the author

Jodi Ferrier is an emerging artist in Washington, DC working primarily in acrylics. She often employs the style of the abstract expressionists, painting with bold gestures that create energy, emotion and movement. Jodi’s paintings toggle between abstraction and representation, allowing the viewer their own interpretation. Having started out as an oil painter in college at Miami of Ohio, where she was recognized for her talents early on winning several awards, she put painting aside and chose to follow a career as graphic designer for 22 years. Only recently has she reconnected with her passion for painting and within the last year has been awarded both an Artist in Residence at 39th Street Studios, as well as one at Virginia Center for Creative Arts. She works on both large and small canvases as well as paper, exploring color, shape, texture, composition and line, all trying to capture the mood and intensity of what she sees. She is deeply influenced by the energy, structure and paint quality of the abstract expressionists.