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About the author

John GARCON is one of the leading Afro-Caraibean artist. His work is praised by various critics worldwide like Daniel sherer and the Italian Master Antonio Malmo. He received various awards from International Academy ' GRECI-MARINO' (Italy) :'Associated Academician'(2001), 'Academical Knight' (2003). Gold Medal and Diploma of Artistic merit from GALLERIA ALBA (Italy). He's in partnership with Artprice (France) At a very young age, John demonstrated an exceptional talent in Aesthetic and Classic Art. Trained in such courses as design and Music, the young artist soon opted to pursue painting. He began his painting career more than 30 years ago and received a solid academic background in the arts. Encouraged by his parents, both artists themselves, he began taking courses in graphics and art history, participating in numerous exhibitions and Seminars, particularly in North America. Pushed by his elevated sense of design and creativity, he depicts in his paintings subjects that shock the viewer by the depth of their realism and their natural expressions.Inspired by the knowledge of ancient and modern art, he is very much passionate of Titian, Da Vinci. Picasso, Dali and Balthus. 'My inspiration derives from Human nature, both his beauty and his defects, I approach my subjects with a philosophical point of view. Capture his humorous nature including his pains and joys. Some critics describes his style as being beyond the criteria of Modern art. John's works symbolizes SIMPLICITY, CREATIVITY and MODESTY. He's one of master discreet and rare on the chessboard pictural. He has exhibited in Prestigious Places worldwide like: ART EXPO Javits Convention Center (N.Y 1999), Ritz CARLTON (Montreal), ARTEC- ESPACE SAINT MARTIN (France 2012) His name is listed in many GUIDES and renowned Encyclopedia such: 'International Encyclopedic Dictionary of Modern Art' (ITALY): 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003; Please visit his Official website for Artwork Feed Events Fe