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Janet Glatz
About the author

JANET B. GLATZ Born in 1945 in Portland, Maine, my artistic bent first appeared in grade school, but was not sufficiently nurtured until after I had my children in the 60’s. It was then that I began taking the occasional art class and found that I was quite adept at everything from drawing to oil painting. My first sales, (not until the 80’s) were private, and because of the attention those pieces received, I was encouraged to enter a few shows. I was working full time, so it was impossible to enter more than three or four a season. I was fortunate enough to sell most of what I painted. In the 90’s career took the upper hand. I did paint occasionally, but did not show at all. Then, in 2003, life again afforded me the time to pursue my art. I spent a year building up an inventory and began to show again. As before, I sold most of what I painted. During this time, my personal style really began to take shape. No longer was I afraid to take chances. I painted what I wanted to paint, and people liked it. From 2006 to 2010, work again interfered with my goals. It wasn’t until I was able to retire in 2010 that I again began to paint prolifically. By the end of 2012 I will have shown at 16 juried events throughout New England. Presently I am working on the second work for a new body of work entitled, “Man and Sea: Constant Struggle--Lasting Legacy." I recently moved to Brunswick, Maine, where I work and teach out of my new studio.