Jean Judd


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Jean Judd
About the author

My textile artwork covers a wide range of designs from art deco to abstract to representational needlework. The pieces compromising this body of work represent pieces that are more manageable sizes than some of the work I produce for commissions. Check my web site for current works, exhibitions, and resume. I do not repeat work so each piece is unique onto itself and not available in editions. I do my own design work, construction of each piece from either commercial fabrics or my own hand dyed fabrics. All of the handwork is done by myself including the hand appliqué, hand quilting, hand made bias tape, and hand bound finishing. Each piece is designed from the center out with just a general idea and the process dictates where the piece ends up. The hand stitching on the wall art give it the visual texture each piece needs to really bring out the shadowing on these works. Each artwork can be easily mounted using a variety of museum hanging systems, as well as directly on the wall with 2 simple screws or nails. This is all part of the design process for the back of each piece, so that artwork is manageable for all to display. Some pieces are designed to be rotated and hung in multiple orientations and these pieces are specified as such on my web site.