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jim mckeon
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my career as a world traveler and a life long artist began in 1984, my freshman year at school of visual arts in nyc. it was there that i was excepted into an archeological dig program in france for the summer. who would have guessed that was going to be the beginning of my love affair with traveling all over the globe and painting for the next 35 years. with over 45 countries under my belt, one can follow my life's journey by looking at a retrospective of my paintings starting with my meso-american inspired early work in 1987 all the way to my current work concentrating on myanmar and buddhism. my travels have had such a profound effect on who i am as an artist that the two aspects of my life are inseparable. currently, i reside in new jersey with my wife and paint full time in my studio and still have the pleasure of being able to travel extensively. my current work is based on my latest trip of 3 weeks to myanmar