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Jen Mitsuko
About the author

Jen Mitsuko has been living in the Pacific Northwest (Portland, OR) for five years. In that time she has been working on defining what being an artist means to her. She moved from Las Vegas, NV after obtaining her BFA in Art Photography, and a BA in Film. Recently she moved to Southern California to further pursue her artist career. Her background is printing in a darkroom for hours at a time, and using various cameras from 35mm to 4x5 cameras. She currently uses her TLR and 4x5 but she mostly uses her DLSR for her current work. Some of her work looks like a photograph while others have a painterly look and feeling. Jen believes that art is the soul of society, and strives to create art every time she picks up a camera. Recently she was in Top 20 Emerging Focus in Photo L.A. 2013. She received an Honorable mention from International Photography Awards 2012, The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, and officially selected in PX3 Prix De La Photographi Paris. She was recently published in F-Stop magazine "Landscape" issue and PHOTO+ a Korean photographic arts magazine. She is also published in Photographers Forum “Best of Photography 2010” where she was award a certificate of Excellence is Photography by Photographer Forum.