Janet Morrow


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Janet Morrow
About the author

Janet Morrow is a Texas artist who creates art that is conceptual in nature, utilizing whatever medium, or combination of media, is most appropriate to communicate the idea or insight. Many of her pieces explore domesticity, family life and women's roles. A recent series examines the idea of wind as a metaphor for a number of life experiences; inexorable change, disability, encounters with the sublime and our human interface with the divine. It is not possible to discuss inflences on the artist's work without mentioning the progressive loss of her hearing and related problems with disequilibrium and vertigo.This is a recurring theme and mirrors universal struggles with disability, isolation and otherness. Morrow holds a BFA in theatre from SMU and is currently an MFA student in Intermedia Studio at the University of Texas at Arlington. Her work has been exhibited at The Long Beach Island Foundation in Loveladies, New Jersey, Altered Esthetics Gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota, University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, Tarrant County College in Hurst, Texas and Pop's Safari Room in Forth Worth, Texas.